How to make a floral wreath (easy, DIY guide)

Floral wreaths make a spectacular and beautiful handmade addition to any space. There is so much flexibility in how you design it, the flowers you choose, the style you do it in and here’s the thing…they are wonderfully simple to make but look far more complex. I have made several wreaths, even for friends and family and they really are unique, I have never been able to replicate the same wreath twice.  So if you are curious or ready to take the plunge follow my simple step by step guide!

An example of a floral wreath I made

So begin my gathering your materials. I don’t use exact measurements because…well each wreath’s needs depends on what you have available, how big you are building etc. However here is what you will need to have on hand to begin building.

A floral hoop (you can find them at dollarstores, Michaels or Amazon-choose any size you wish)

Florals (choose any number of dried or faux). I typically cut to around 5 inches in height but that’s my preference. For maximum effect a mixture of greenery and flowers packs a punch. For added hometouches I love drying flowers from my garden in the summer and using them in my wreaths!


Scissors for cutting if needed

Hot glue gun (I don’t go wild but sometimes touch ups can help finish a piece nicely).

Materials on my perfectly imperfect and very busy crafting table

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you are ready to begin. Now, hear me out but I don’t necessarily over plan ny wreath designs I sort of just look at what is in front of me and go! I tend to go for wreaths that are more on the whimsical and wild side so if you are more of a planner you may put more thought into colour schemes etc than I do!

To begin..I lay out the greenery and flowers I wish to incorporate. Then I simply out together a mini bouqet and tie together with twine.

Mini bouqets laid out on the table and tied with twine.

I tend to make all my bouqets and lay them on the table in front of me. Now you can get your floral hoop and start to add the bouqets to the hoop. I find it easier for me to clamp the hoop in between my knees whilst sitting. I then pick a bouqet and lay it on the hoop, tie the bouqet onto the hoop with the twine.

A bouqet attached to the hoop with twine

Now add another bouqet and so on and so forth around the hoop as far as you would like. I like to position the next bouqet slightly on top of the other to create a more fuller effect. How far you go around your hoop is personal preference, I like my hoop half filled so my wreaths almost look like crescent moons or you may go all the way around.

As you can see above adding all the bouqets gradually builds up your wreath.

Once you are done, it’s time to do any finishing touch ups. Sometimes it may be snipping an odd stem or two or finishing off the “ends” if visible to look neater or leave them open. In the photo below, for that particular wreath, I wanted to close the ends off and wrap in twine. However on the second photo below on another finished wreath I prefered a more “unkempt” look and did not wrap twine all the way around the open stems.

This is also when I may go in and add a small drop of glue here and there if anything is loose or I want to hold something a little more in place. The technique can take a little practice but once you get started you will see there are so many custom options that you can create away to your heart’s content!

I wish you luck in your crafting journey and welcome to the addicting world of wreaths. Seriously, you will find yourself creating them for every occasion. Enjoy the handmade journey!

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